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One of the many rare bonus features included on the Sherlock Holmes Blu-ray/DVD set is an HD transfer of ‘Interview with Arthur Conan Doyle’ from the Fox Movietone Collection. In this excerpt, Conan Doyle explains how his frustration with the current state of detective novels was the impetus for creating perhaps the world’s most famous detective.

Says Conan Doyle:

“It all annoyed me how in the old detective stories the detective always seemed to get at his results either by some sort of lucky chance or route or else it was quite unexplained how he got there. He got there, but he never quite explained how.”

Enjoy the complete interview on the Sherlock Holmes Blu-ray/DVD, along with several other bonus features, including:

Sherlock Holmes Baffled (1900): Courtesy of the Library of Congress and presented in HD, this is the earliest known film to feature the character of Sherlock Holmes.

A Canine Sherlock (1912): From the EYE Film Institute, the film stars Spot the Dog as the titular character.

Più forte che Sherlock Holmes (1913): Also from the EYE Film Institute, this entertaining Italian trick-film owes as much to Méliès as it does Doyle.

• HD transfer from the Fox Movietone Collection: Outtakes from a 1930 broadcast with William Gillette showing off his amateur railroad (University of South Carolina).

• A PDF manuscript of the 1899 Sherlock Holmes play by William Gillette.

• A PDF of the original contract between William Gillette and the Essanay Film Manufacturing Company.

• A booklet featuring images from the film and information about the restoration project.

William Gillette’s Sherlock Holmes is now on Blu-ray/DVD. Order yours today for 25% OFF M.S.R.P.

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