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In late 2014, Flicker Alley launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund the launch of a Manufactured-On-Demand (MOD) DVD program. The support was overwhelming! Within days, we surpassed our goal, ultimately raising 150% of our initial target.
We’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the almost-100 contributors who made this program possible. Your contributions demonstrate your dedication to film preservation and will help make these significant classic films available to future generations of film aficionados.


Rick Andersen
Robert Arkus
John Bailey
Peter Bainbridge
James Bigwood
Robert Blackman
Rob Brooks
Daniel Callahan
Edward B. Childress
Peter Cleaveland
Sidney Coon
Mary Dalton
Spencer DeBenedictis
Jack Dougherty
Linda Drake
Irwin Drobny
Paul Dunlap
Harry Eskin
Joel Fenster
Thomas Fuchs
Robert Furem
Donna Gagnon
Ryan Gallagher
Gilbert Goodman
Keith Gordon
Valerio Greco
Jeffrey Hallock
Jeffrey Hanson
Eirik Hanssen
Paul Harrington
Brian Hendricks
Niels Joaquin
David Kalata
G.T. Keplinger
Michael Kuzmanovski
Suzanne Leworthy
Andrew Melomet
Steve Menke
Don Minkoff
Henry Miyamoto
Shawn Moore
Ken Nyman
Dan Oliver
Karl Pallmeyer
Arndt Pawelczik
Ernestine Peronto
Dennis Pierce
Jeannette Pierce
Shane Pitkin
Martin Prince
Hugo Rios
Richard Rubenstein
James Russell
Dana Schmitz
Ivan G. Shreve, Jr.
Henry Smiley
Mark Sprecher
Edwin Stahlnecker
Clay Steinman
Volker W. Stieber
Matt Stubbins
Susan Swan
Lang Thompson
A.M. Vance
Patrick Vaz
Edmund Vosik
Ross Warren
Brian Woods
Jay Young

And the many contributors who wish to stay anonymous!