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Want to screen or stream a Flicker Alley title in your theater, webpage or local event?

Flicker Alley is happy to work with you. We can help curate a program or simply set up a date.


The City Without Jews
The Extraordinary World of Charley Bowers
The Ancient Law
Woman On The Run
Too Late For Tears
The Lost World
Lois Weber Program
Chaplin’s Essanay Comedies
Behind the Door
Sherlock Holmes
3-D Rarities
The Man with the Movie Camera
Chaplin Shorts
Silent Comedy Shorts
Cinerama Collection

Public performance licenses may be purchased for any title in our Blu-ray/DVD catalog, as well as our MOD (Manufactured-On-Demand) Blu-ray/DVD catalog.


Sherlock Holmes
A Trip to the Moon

Request Screening

We also have a library of high‑res images for promotional purposes. If you are interested in renting a title for venue, please fill out this form, email or call us at 323.851.1905

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