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3-D Rarities DCP

The first documented public exhibition of a 3-D motion picture took place on June 10, 1915 at New York’s Astor Theatre. To commemorate the centennial, the 3-D Film Archive is proud to present 3-D Rarities, an amazing collection of stereoscopic treasures dating back to the dawn of 3-D cinematography.

They include: Kelley’s Plasticon Pictures: Thru’ the Trees, Washington, D.C., the earliest extant 3-D demonstration film from 1922 with incredible footage of Washington and New York City; New Dimensions (aka Motor Rhythm) the first domestic full color 3-D film originally shown at the New York World’s Fair in May 1940; Thrills for You, a fascinating promotional film for the Pennsylvania Railroad, first shown in 1940 at the Golden Gate International Exposition in San Francisco; Boo Moon, an excellent example of color stereoscopic animation from 1953; Doom Town, a controversial anti-atomic testing film which was mysteriously pulled from theatrical release after a few play-dates in July 1953; I’ll Sell My Shirt, a burlesque comedy unseen in 3-D for over 60 years; The Maze coming attraction trailer with fantastic 3-D production design by the legendary William Cameron Menzies, and much more.

Presented in high quality digital 3-D, all films in 3-D Rarities have been restored and mastered in 2K from original 35mm elements for optimum quality. Meticulously re-aligned shot by shot for precise registration of the original left/right elements, these historic 3-D films have never before looked this good!

Titles and running times are below. For more information about renting the 3-D Rarities DCP for your theater, please click on the Request Screen button or contact

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Titles with Running Times:

1. Opening Titles – .55
2. Kelley’s Plasticon Pictures – 7.41
3. John Norling/Jacob Leventhal tests – 5.32
4. Thrills for You – 8.26
5. New Dimensions – 9.08
6. M.L. Gunzburg Presents Natural Vision 3-Dimension – 5.23
7. It Came from Outer Space trailer – 3.39
8. Hannah Lee trailer – 2.07
9. Stardust in Your Eyes – 6.10
10. The Maze trailer – 2.16
11. Doom Town – 15.25
12. The Adventures of Sam Space – 9.13
13. I’ll Sell My Shirt – 7.22
14. Miss Sadie Thompson trailer – 3.00
15. Boo Moon – 7.33
16. End Credits – 1.00

Total Running Time – 94 minutes

3-D Restoration – Greg Kintz
Producer – Bob Furmanek
Associate Producer – Jack Theakston
Executive Producer – John McElwee, Greenbriar Picture Shows
New Stereoscopic Restorations 2015 3-D Film Archive, LLC
For more information, please visit

“A truly historical compendium of fascinating filmic oddities, the likes of which one wouldn’t expect to see screened anywhere.”

– DVD Savant

“This set offers a great mix of quality effects and archival material that cinephiles will want in their collections, presented in terrific quality with some interesting and informative extras. You aren’t getting this stuff on Netflix anytime soon.”

–  DVD Talk

“A treasure trove of fascinating films” for its extraordinary technical restoration. . . Although the film footage in this collection was produced between 1922 and 1953, the 3-D effects in these short films surpass most modern 3-D efforts.”

– Home Theater Forum