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MOD: Manufactured-On-Demand

Enjoy unique, significant, and previously out-of-print classics from the Blackhawk Films® Collection with Manufactured-On-Demand (MOD) Blu-rays and DVDs. Click on any of the titles below to complete your order of a custom-created, professionally packaged Blu-ray-R or DVD-R, which will be shipped directly to you.

Depending on the publication, upon selecting a title for purchase, you may be redirected to a separate page hosted by MovieZyng, our MOD partner. Additionally, in an effort to explore a more economical approach to produce worthy and distinctive publications available to our valued customer base, we have launched a line of exclusive Flicker Alley MOD titles featuring replicated media. These can also be accessed below and will say “Manufactured On Pressed Media” next to the title.

Our Manufactured-On-Demand program has been made possible thanks to dozens of film fans whose generous contributions to our Indiegogo campaign helped to fund the launch of the program. Visit our MOD Acknowledgements for a complete list of contributors.

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