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Ready for a sneak peek of all the 3-D goodies in our upcoming 3-D RARITIES release? In his latest blog post for Indiewire, film critic Leonard Maltin discusses what you can expect from the Blu-ray collection. From the article:

“Inventors experimented with 3-D in the earliest days of motion pictures, but experts agree that the medium came of age at the 1939 New York World’s Fair. That’s where Polarized 3-D made its public debut at the Chrysler Pavilion. A short subject called In Tune With Tomorrow was shown every day in dual-system 35mm. No print is known to have survived, but Chrysler presented a follow-up for the Fair’s 1940 season called New Dimensions (later released theatrically as Motor Rhythm)…and it’s going to make its home video debut this fall.

Bob Furmanek, of the 3-D Film Archive has produced a collection called 3-D Rarities which Flicker Alley will be releasing on Blu-ray this fall, and it promises to be exciting for 3-D aficionados and newcomers alike.

[According to Bob Furmanek,] ‘These historic 3-D films have never looked this good before.’ Bob is not one to exaggerate, and I look forward to seeing this collection on Blu-ray.”

Read “Celebrating 3-D On Its 75th Birthday” in full on Indiewire.

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