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When filming L’Inhumaine (1924), director Marcel L’Herbier endeavored to assemble an artistic team of visual and plastic vanguards. Who better then to provide sculptures for this cutting-edge production than avant-garde artist and pioneer of modern sculpture, Joseph Csaky? Born in Hungary in the late 1800s, Csaky became a naturalized French citizen in 1922. He is best known for being one of the first sculptors in Paris to apply the principles of pictorial Cubism to his art.

Joseph Csaky - sculpture

‘Femme Accroupie’

Csaky’s sculptures, so sought over by Marcel L’Herbier in 1924, continue to be in high demand nearly 100 years later. At a recent Sotheby’s auction, Csaky’s ‘Femme Accroupie,’ sold for $469,139, well over the pre-auction estimate of $69,50283,402.

Csaky completed ‘Femme Accroupie’ in January 1923; the sculpture, pictured below, is one of L’Inhumaine’s many remarkable objects on set.

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