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Flicker Alley was born in 2002 out of founder Jeff Masino’s passion for cinematic history and a desire to bring filmmakers and films from out of the past to new audiences and renewed recognition. Jeff and an expanding team continue to draw on their lifelong enthusiasm and fascination with silent, classic, independent and avant-garde cinemas. With an awareness of shifts in technology and watching-habits that change the nature of home video, we want to continue to contribute to the on-going interest in our film heritage through the creation of new, high-quality digital editions for broadcast and through home video distribution…and through helping to develop new strategies and collaborations to ensure continued and expanded accessibility to these important films.

The Flicker Alley team is passionate about helping to bring our collective film history to contemporary audiences, and are thusly committed to working with film archivists, academics, historians, and rare saavy industry professional, as we know that without them, these films would not be viewable or accessible for our audiences in the present, nor would they exist in any form in the future! Each of our publications is the culmination of hundreds of hours of research, restoration, design, and music scoring. Collectively, they reflect the creativity, expertise, and shared passion of many talented collaborators and creatives.

Despite the current economic climate, as a brand Flicker Alley has come to enjoy national and international critical acclaim and is regularly featured in annual “Best Of” lists. In 2009 and then again in 2011, the National Society of Film Criticsawarded us Film Heritage Awards for publishing “rare early U.S. and foreign silent film.” We wish to continue to provide the very best of silent, classic, independent and avant-garde cinema releases for cinephiles and cinenthusiasts everywhere. Yes, we’re pretty sure we made that word up.

Not only is this blog new, but Flicker Alley has also recently relocated to new offices. We look forward to your readership as we make many new and exciting changes on the Flicker Alley homefront.

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