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Flicker Alley is very pleased to partner with the Mary Pickford Foundation in releasing newly -restored and newly -scored editions of two classic Mary Pickford films—Little Annie Rooney and Fanchon the Cricket. A screen legend both in front of and behind the camera, Pickford acted in and produced hundreds of films over the course of a 50-plus-year-career. Film enthusiasts take note! With meticulous restoration and the addition of new scores, Mary Pickford can now be seen as she should be — just as she was almost 100 years ago.


Recently, our Flicker Alley team interviewed Henry Stotsenberg, CEO of the Mary Pickford Foundation; Elaina Friedrichsen, Director of their Archive & Legacy and Head of Production for Mary Pickford Production Company; and Cari Beauchamp, the Foundation’s Resident Historian. The Foundation was created by Pickford herself in the 1950s and they are committed to continuing her dedication to her craft, her community and her philanthropy while inspiring future generations of women and filmmakers. They see the release of her films on Blu-Ray/DVD as an important part of that legacy.

Mary actively worked to preserve her films with the hope that they would be of interest to future generations. It was her long time, trusted financial advisor Edward Stotsenberg who encouraged her to start her own foundation, and today it is his nephew Henry Stotsenberg who is its CEO.


“It has been a key part of our mission to reintroduce Mary Pickford to the world and her proper place in the cinematic pantheon,” Henry says. “In order to accomplish this, we have forged partnerships with archives from around the world to locate and meticulously restore Pickford films and add modern scores. The goal is to make the films entertaining and marketable to a wider newer audience by making the screening image exceptional and using youthful and fresh scores.”

The Foundation works to master the films at the highest possible quality. Elaina focuses on the film restoration work, oversees all digitally restoring and works with the composers on the original scores. “Some of our restoration work is done in partnership with various archives throughout the world and we often access film elements that we have housed in our own collection.”

Both Cari and Elaina speak at universities and festivals as well as meet with representatives of the philanthropic causes supported by the Foundation. Cari is responsible for overseeing the Foundation’s website which serves as a resource for researchers throughout the world. She also writes articles for the site as well as magazines and has written six books on Hollywood history.


Cari points out that Mary was so much more than an actress. “She co-founded United Artists and her own production studio, spearheaded the creation of the Motion Picture Television Fund, and was a co-founder of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Mary was active in many charitable activities and very supportive of the men and women who served in the military. She often opened up her home, Pickfair, for events and benefits.”

As Elaina sums up their work, “Mary was a pioneer in the sense that she was a forward-thinker, always looking at the big picture. She had a strength of character and a work ethic that inspires us daily.”

For more information on the life and work of Mary Pickford, check out her foundation’s website:

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