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Serge Bromberg’s passion for film began as a child when his father came home with a Super 8 projector a Charlie Chaplin film. Bromberg has translated that passion  for celluloid into a successful career as a producer and film preservationist. In 1985, he started the company, Lobster, with Eric Lange. Since then, the Lobster collection has grown to over 20,000 films. For the first decade, Lobster focused its efforts on preservation. But since 1995, Lobster has been producing original programming. Serge Bromberg has been collecting films since he was a teenager. Now he tours the world presenting film from his collection with exerbuance.

A Trip to the Moon and Other Travels at the TCM Classic Film Festival 2012 in Hollywood – a magical trip through early cinema history.

Many of the films presented during the show are also available on DVD through Flicker Alley.

A Trip Down Market Street (1906)- print courtesy of Rick Prelinger, Prelinger Archives

After the Quake – 3 days after the Earthquake

The Acrobatic Fly:

Revenge of the Butterflies – Pathe

Japanese film


Buster Keaton in Love Nest


Serge pointed out that the flag in the film is painted in the Spanish colors, red and yellow, not the red, white, and blue of the French flag. After the presentation, Serge was met with a large groups of enthusiastic fans asking where they could get their hands on A Trip to the Moon! Serge happily

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