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Flicker Alley Silent Film Blu-ray DVD Stream buy MOD

Interested in screening a Flicker Alley title in your theater or at your event?

Flicker Alley is happy to work with you. We can help curate a program or simply set up a date.

Blu-ray or DVD screeners of all Flicker Alley titles are available to screen. Eight DCP programs are also available: William Gillette’s Sherlock Holmes, Dziga Vertov’s The Man with the Movie Camera3-D RaritiesChaplin Shorts, Silent Comedy Shorts, Abel Gance’s J’Accuse, Cecil B. DeMille’s Chicago, and the Cinerama collection featuring six full-length Cinerama films to choose from. We also have a library of high-res images for promotional purposes.

If you are interested in renting a disc or DCP for venue, please email or call us at (323) 851-1905.

For more information on our DCP programs, click on a title below:

Flicker Alley Silent Film Blu-ray DVD Stream buy MOD Cinerama

Cinerama Films:

This is Cinerama
Cinerama Holiday
South Seas Adventure
Search for Paradise
Seven Wonders of the World